I joined a Christmas party last week in support of a foundation which
cares for babies born with AIDS.
Because the meaning of Christmas is to love one another, this is a
great time to remind people to care about those with special needs!
This foundation has a program where babies without parents can be
cared for by part-time volunteer parents. These are volunteers who
pick up a baby on Friday evening, and return on Sunday each week. This
program makes it easier for people to volunteer as foster parents, and
it also gives these babies a chance to be in a loving home each week.
Because I am spending Christmas far away from my own family, joining
this event helped me feel a little closer to my mother. Although she
is now 79 years old, she still volunteers every day at a charity
kitchen preparing meals for people suffering from AIDS, who are too
ill to leave their homes. So somehow, I had a feeling of being in the
same "heart-space" as my mom.
But the best part of the event was holding one of the babies... she
was so sweet and precious, I did not want to let her go! I even gave
autographs with that little baby in my arms!!!
If my performance schedule ever slows down, I think I'll be adding a
new activity to my weekends! :)

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