My friend John Graham was a member of AIM, but he was very young at that time.

我的朋友約翰(John Graham)是AIM的成員,在當時他非常年輕。

His friend Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash was older, and was an important member of AIM.

他的朋友安妮(Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash)比較年長一點,在AIM裡是非常重要的一份子。

The night at Oglala after the shoot-out, with the National Guard and FBI surrounding their camp, all the Indians escaped together.


They said they followed an eagle that was flying through a ravine.


The eagle led them under a bridge and out of the area, even though agents were positioned on the bridge.
It was a very big embarrassment for the FBI.


The FBI laid charges against three Indians, for the shooting of the two FBI agents.

Two of the Indians went to trial, and one of them (the oldest named Leonard Peltier) escaped to Canada.

有兩名印地安人開始被審判,另外一位李奧(年紀最大, Leonard Peltier)潛逃到加拿大。

In the first trial, the two Indians were acquitted. The judge criticized the way the FBI handled the case.

After this, the FBI must have been even more angry. They arrested Anna Mae because she was close to the leadership of AIM.

Anna Mae told friends that an FBI agent named David Price threatened her, that if she did not tell them where Leonard Peltier was, she would be dead "before the year was out".
安妮告訴朋友說一位叫大衛(David Price)的FBI威脅她說出李奧的下落,否則就會活不到年底。

She refused to help him.

To be continued...


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