One year later, an Indian named Wesley Bad Heart Bull was stabbed to death in another racist killing. AIM organized a meeting with local officials to force the government to prosecute the people who were resonsible.
一年過後,一位叫做衛斯理(Wesley Bad Heart Bull)的印地安人又在一起種族歧視的仇恨中被刺殺身亡。美國印地安人運動(AIM)隨即安排和當地官員會面,要來迫使政府起訴應該負責任的人。
But when they arrived at the meeting, Wesley's mother, Sarah Bad Heart Bull, was not allowed to go in. When she tried to enter the courthouse, the police beat her severely on the courthouse steps, and any Indians who tried to stop the beating were tear-gassed and beaten.
當他們抵達會面地點時,衛斯理的媽媽莎拉(Sarah Bad Heart Bull)卻無法進入。當她試著要進入法院時,她在法院的樓梯間被警察嚴重痛毆,所有想要阻止暴力的印地安人都被催淚瓦斯攻擊。
A riot broke out throughout the courthouse, and although no one was killed, the "Custer courthouse riot" was a historic event. It was the first outbreak of violence between white men and the local Lakota Indians since the Indian massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890.
一個大暴亂在法院中引爆,雖然沒有人死亡,這起"卡斯特法院暴動" (Custer courthouse riot)成為歷史著名事件。自從1890年伍恩狄德尼(註一)印地安大屠殺後,這是第一起白人與拉柯塔印地安人(註二)的暴力爭鬥。
But it was not the end of the violence. There was more tragedy to come.

To be continued...
註一: 在美國南達科他州南方的一個村落,在松樹嶺印地安人保留區內,是1973年的示威運動及1890的大屠殺事發地點。
註二: 拉柯塔印地安人是美國原住民,他們是達柯他部落中的一族。

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