On the night of February 12, 1972, an Indian named Raymond Yellow Thunder was taken from the streets by several white men who knew he was drunk. They beat him, made him take off all his clothes in freezing the winter temperatures, and forced him into the trunk of their car.
在1972年2月12日的晚上,幾個白人在大街上帶走一位名叫雷蒙(Raymond Yellow Thunder)、並且喝醉的印地安人。他們毆打他,在天寒地凍的冬天裡扒光他的衣服,把他塞入後車廂中。
They took Yellow Thunder to a local bar where he was forced to dance naked as people watched and laughed.
Yellow Thunder was later found dead from the injuries of the beating.
The white men who killed him were found by the police, but the police soon let them go without spending any time in jail for the killing.
This kind of abuse and injustice was common in South Dakota at that time. It is said that no white man had ever been arrested or convicted for killing an Indian (even though it was happening often), and there were signs in stores, bars, and restaurants that said "No Dogs or Indians Allowed".
AIM was asked to help protest Yellow Thunder's case. They gathered hundreds of Indian supporters together for the protest, and they were successful in making sure the guilty men were convicted for Raymond's death.
美國印地安運動(AIM) (註一)被要求幫助雷蒙這個案子。他們聚集了上百位印第安示威者遊行抗議,他們很成功地使這位兇手承認對雷蒙所下的毒手。
To be continued...
註一: 美國印地安運動(American Indian Movement,縮寫AIM)是1968年由Dennis Banks, George Mitchell, Herb Powless, Clyde Bellecourt, Eddeh Benton Banai等約200人創立的一個印第安人組織。該組織主張維護美洲土著的權益、促進文化復興、監督警方的行動、以及平等勞動權。
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