This new song, A Friend of a Friend of Mine", is based on events which happened during the 1970s in South Dakota.
這首新歌- A Friend of a Friend of Mine 所講的事件是發生在1970年代美國南達科他州
The Hollywood movie "Thunderheart", and Robert Redford's documentary "Incident at Oglala" are based on these events.
(You can watch "Incident at Oglala" online at )
一部好萊塢的電影-Thunderheart (雷霆之心 或 霹靂心) 及勞勃瑞福(Robert Redford)的紀錄片-印地安謀殺事件(Incident at Oglala)都是取材於這起事件
(你可以在線上觀看這部紀錄片 )
There was a lot of violence between the US government (including the local FBI) and the "Lakota Sioux" Indians at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, because there was uranium on the Indian's reservation land.
當時 美國政府(包括當地的FBI)和松樹嶺印地安人保留地中的印地安人 "Lakota Sioux" 發生很多暴力衝突  因為在保留地中有很多的鈾礦
The government was using violence to control the Indians there, so companies could buy the Indian land without the Indians' knowledge.
政府使用暴力來控制當地的印地安人  所以很多土地買賣的商業行為是不需要告知當地印地安人的
Some of the Indians formed a group called the American Indian Movement (AIM), to protest and fight against the government.
於是有些印地安人聯合組成"美國印地安運動" (AIM) (註一) 來抗爭政府的行為
These Indians were very traditional and did not want to sell their land for any money. They believed there ancestors and their culture was a part of the land.
這些印地安人是非常傳統 不願意賣掉自己的土地來換取金錢 他們相信自己的祖先和文化都是這塊土地的一部分
To be continued...
註一: 美國印地安運動(American Indian Movement,縮寫AIM)是1968年由Dennis Banks, George Mitchell, Herb Powless, Clyde Bellecourt, Eddeh Benton Banai等約200人創立的一個印第安人組織。該組織主張維護美洲土著的權益、促進文化復興、監督警方的行動、以及平等勞動權。
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