I just completed creating a new song called "A Friend of a Friend of Mine".
It is a very important song for me, because the song is about a dear friend of mine named John Graham. 
I am going to tell you the story about John, and about his friend Anna Mae Aquash.
They are both aboriginal people from Canada, with a very tragic story.
To be continued...
我剛完成一首歌曲  叫做 -  A Friend of a Friend of Mine  (暫譯: 我的朋友的朋友)
對我來說這是非常重要的歌  因為這首歌是講述我親愛的朋友 約翰 (John Graham) 的故事
我將要告訴你有關約翰和他的朋友安妮(Anna Mae Aquash)的故事
他們兩位都是加拿大原住民  而他們的故事非常悲慘
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