When in Hualian for a performance recently, I decided to stay one night in a remote guest house in the mountains.
The view was amazing, and the fresh air and distant sound of the sea felt so healing.
The following day, the guest house owner drove us to the train station. On the way down the mountain on the small road, we passed a truck with a loud-speaker, playing strange sounds into the forest as some men stood around.
It sounded like large birds, but it was soooooo loud!
The guest house owner told me they were trying to lure large birds, so they can catch them and sell them.
I know this is illegal, and a big problem in Taiwan. So I asked the driver to turn around so I can get their license number and report them.
But she was too afraid and refused to turn around.
So I watched for a police station as we drove to Hualian. But I could not find one.
By the time we arrived at the train station, I knew it was too late to report them. They would not stay in the same place for so long.
I felt so frustrated that people are too afraid to defend nature.
If you ever see anyone doing something illegal like this, please do not be afraid!!! Get the information you need, and report them as soon as possible!
We must change our attitude if we want to make Taiwan a safe place for the animals that live here.











如果你們看到任何類似的非法事件,請千萬不要害怕!!!!!!! 記下你所能得到的所有資訊,然後用最快的時間舉發這不法的行為。



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