I just returned to the mountains above Nanzhuang,to the sacred ceremony field of the Saishia called Na Rum Wan. I brought my family here earlier this week to meet with the aboriginal people before the start of the BasDaAi, to gain a deeper understanding of this festival and ancient ceremony.The spirits of DaAi have already been invited back two days ago,and as i drive up the narrow road, the mountain is shrouded in clouds as if to protect this sacred gathering place and tonight's official beginning.

我剛剛回到苗栗南庄的山區,回到賽夏族稱之為Na Rum Wan的神聖祭典的場所. 我在這禮拜稍早時候趁著祭典尚未開始,帶著我的家人來到這裡與原住民朋友相聚. 一同來了解這個古老祭典的深遠意義. 在兩天前,矮靈們就已經被邀請回到這裡. 當我今天駕車經過狹小山路時,整個山區被雲層所覆蓋,就好似這個神聖的聚集地被保護著,並保佑著今晚祭典即將正式展開.

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